Browse this section to see previous collections, and get a feel for how my work has evolved over time. I often revisit past collections to inform new work, and sometimes incorporate limited edition work into my core collection of offerings.

A black woman's hand holds a turquoise colored mug that is textured on the outside with vertical carvingsA stack of seafoam green low bowls with dotted carvings on the exteriorA black woman's hand reaches for a stacked set of bowls that are dark brown on the interior with a white rim. The rim has a design carved into it.A set of two small tumblers, which are light blue in color and faceted on the outside.One white, speckled espresso cup with a small, cute handle.A set of two cream-colored bowls stacked inside of each other. They are the perfect size for a few scoops of ice cream.A large vase that with a shaggy brown glaze. Inspired by David Drake the potter.